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Since statistics show that middle class Americans are locked out of the legal system simply due to the high costs involved in being properly represented, or even properly advised; we have made it our goal to inform everyone we can about the strength of owning a legal plan.  If cost wasn’t a factor in our decision making process, most of us would get the advice or representation we need before a legal problem transpires. These affordable legal plans are the answer that levels the legal playing field for less than a membership at a gym, usually between $17 and $36 a month.

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Identity Theft is a MANAGED RISK and we are dedicated to getting you the proper tools and information you need to start and maintain an aggressive proactive position in the fight to keep your identity intact!




In this episode Andrea and Tim discuss the benefits of owning a Legal Plan and how empowering and affordable they are to own.



In this episode Andrea and Tim explain the services provided to our members by placing YOU in the drivers seat of a prestigious Law Firm. 



In this episode Andrea and Tim get into the "NUTS & BOLTS" of the number 1 Legal Plan provider in the United States and Canada.

Don't Talk to Cops.  Part 1

Don't Talk to Cops.  Part 2

Don't Talk to Cops.  Part 3

What are your rights when  questioned by law enforcement?

We give you 24/7 immediate access to an attorney under circumstances such as these.