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Keeping Your Employee’s at Work

When Unexpected Life Events Occur


Employees today are three times more likely to appear in court than to be admitted to a hospital. Employers have found that most employees’ view dealing with legal matters or restoring their identity much in the same way they view going to the dentist or having surgery.

It produces an increase in stress, anxiety, and in some cases mild depression.

It results in loss of focus on the job, and an increase in the number of days missed from work.

Michael McCoy

*Providing your employee's with this service will not only make a person a more loyal employee, but would save the employer from losing productivity during the weeks and months taken by preoccupied employees with an identity theft problem.

*paraphrased from

Michael McCoy, Co-director of the Identity Theft Prevention Institute, and Co-Author of                   


Identity thieves are not after your credit, as much as they are interested in NOT BEING who they are!

a. Their face... your drivers license information
b. Their face... your social security number
c. Their face... your birth certificate
d. Their face... your medical insurance information, and your medical history
e. Your name and face... Their criminal activity!


  • 63% of Identity Theft victims were unable to repair their identity

  • 22% of Identity Theft victims had their SS# attached to someone else

  • 19% had Fraud alerts ignored (this is what Lifelock does)

  • 62% of Identity Theft victims had WARRANTS ISSUED for their ARREST

  • It will take up to 600 hrs of time away from work, and an average of $1600 for an  employee to fix an identity theft situation.

  • The problem has a 99% chance of perpetuating more problems!

  • An Identity Theft problem is likely to cause problems where legal counsel is needed.

  • It really is affordable to have top legal professionals and professional Identity theft Restoration available to your employee’s.


Michael McCoy,

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John Gardner

"The Five Areas Of Identity Theft"

Your Liabilities as a business owner executive



How much less time would your employees spend away from work, or on the phone fixing personal or family matters if you supplied them with:

  • 24/7 Identity Theft Monitoring

  • Immediate Notification of ANY Fraudulent Activity

  • TOTAL RESTORATION By Licensed Professionals  Remember 600 hrs of time away from work, and an average of $1600 per incident

  • Phone Consultations With an Attorney on Unlimited Number of Matters

  • Phone Calls and Letters on your behalf by an Attorney on Unlimited Matters

  • Contract and Document Review by an Attorney on Unlimited Matters

  • Wills for You and Your Family at no extra charge free with annual updates

  • Representation for you or your covered family members against moving traffic violations  ( how much time is missed by employees in the court room over traffic tickets?)

  • And much much more!  For less than a bottle of water a day!