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Owning Our Pre-Paid Legal Plans give you access to quality law firms Nation wide for $26 a month or less.

Look at it this way...have you ever...

  • Been overcharged for a repair?
  • Received a speeding ticket?
  • Been audited?
  • Purchased a home?
  • Tried to return a defective product?
  • Lost a security deposit?
  • Signed a contract?
  • Prepared a will?

We all find ourselves in these situations, but the majority of us do not seek the advice or help of a qualified lawyer.


  • It may cost too much.
  • They may not know where to begin.
  • The process is intimidating.

We only get as much justice as we can afford. If you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any! The top 10% of income earners can afford to have a lawyer on retainer and are accustomed to asking their lawyer for advice before making decisions. What about you?

With a Legal Plan:

  • You know who to call.
  • You're treated like the firm's most important client.
  • A one year membership costs $312 or less.
  • You are empowered by knowing your legal rights.

Without a Legal Plan:

  • You may try to handle it yourself.
  • You'll likely receive as much justice as you can afford.
  • You may pay hundreds of dollars for ONE HOUR of a lawyer's time.
  • If you don't know your rights, you don't have any!
  • 24/7 Identity Theft Monitoring

  • Immediate Notification of ANY Fraudulent Activity

  • TOTAL RESTORATION By Licensed Professionals 

  • Phone Consultations With an Attorney on Unlimited Number of Matters

  • Phone Calls and Letters on your behalf by an Attorney on Unlimited Matters

  • Contract and Document Review by an Attorney on Unlimited Matters

  • Wills for You and Your Family at no extra charge free with annual updates

  • Representation for you or your covered family members against moving traffic violations 

  • And much much more!  For less than a bottle of water a day!

In Short... Owning a Legal Plan "levels the playing field" in the justice system. With a Pre-Paid legal plan you can say, "I'm going to talk to my lawyer about this." -- and mean it!

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