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Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the world.  It has surpassed the illegal drug trade on a global scale, and continues to grow at an alarming rate.  One might say it has reached epidemic proportions around the globe. In a matter of a few short years virtually everyone's identity will be compromised. 


This means that on a consistent basis, the average law abiding citizen will be held accountable for crimes they did not commit… more than once. They will be administered the wrong medical treatments due to inaccurate information on their M.I.B. (Medical Information Bureau)…more than once. They will be responsible for the payment of taxes on multiple W-2's being submitted to the IRS, and credited for numerous acts of illegal and underworld activity…more than once.


The problem of identity theft is not a small one, and can not be corrected, it can not be stopped, it can not be guarded against! Identity Theft is a MANAGED RISK and we are dedicated to getting you the proper tools and information you need to start and maintain an aggressive proactive position in the fight to keep your identity intact and to have adequate access to the legal system.

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In this episode Andrea and Tim discuss what Identity Theft is. It is NOT simply financial fraud!



The Identity Theft Shield.  How this 30 year old proactive defense system is "HANDS DOWN" the best Anti Identity Theft System on both national and global levels! Own it for less money than the other "so called" leaders in the industry. 




Who is listening in on your "private" phone conversations?

What the Federal Trade Commission say's about ID Theft.

You will see  what folks without our plan have to attempt to do to resolve an identity theft on their own. With the "Identity Theft Shield" program, our licensed investigators handle the restoration and resolution for you.

Medical Identity Theft.  Really? What is it?


RFID Credit Card Reader

Expert John Gardner "The Five Areas Of Identity Theft"

Kroll 34 year old professional IDT restoration Company

Michael McCoy,

Co-director of the Identity Theft Prevention Institute, and Co Author of